Our Experience

Risk Management

NPCC Programme: Created & Led NPCC Programme (MoRiLE) focused on risk modelling for Law Enforcement & Partners

Risk Dashboards: Designed and Implemented a range of bespoke Risk Dashboards for Law Enforcement and Partners 

Awards: CIR Risk Champion of the Year


Public Protest: Designed and Implemented a new monitoring assessment for UK Policing 

Community Tension: Designed and Implemented a new monitoring assessment for UK Policing 

Intelligence Services: Responsible for the Delivery of a multi million pound Intelligence Services for a large Metropolitan police force


Tasking & Coordination: Designed and Implemented new Tasking & Coordination arrangements for a large Metropolitan police force

Covid19: Created bespoke Intelligence Service provisions to support Covid19 Strategic, Tactical and Operational Delivery


We are a global company based in 16 countries. Our in-depth knowledge of global security trends combined with our regional expertise helps our clients understand the threats to their people, information, property, and reputation. Our team draw upon experience gained through extensive service in governmental agencies, military special operations, and corporate security departments, to provide our clients with exceptional global capabilities.

We have worked with Chris and the team at MoRServ over the last six months to deliver bespoke Intelligence and Risk services to our client, NEOM, which is a semi-autonomous state governed in the Tabuk Province in North Western Saudi Arabia that has the ambition to create a progressive, technologically enabled, people-centered state that creates exceptional livability and be one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations.

During our time working with Chris and the team we have found that they have been an excellent addition to our core team of experts. They have always been willing to go above and beyond to help us deliver a package of work for our clients that has significantly enhanced their understanding of the likely crime and safety issues within the NEOM Region.

The team have been a pleasure to work with, and their friendly “can do” attitude fits well with our company values and approach. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and were always willing to listen to our needs, and our client’s needs. I have really enjoyed working with Chris and the team and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship on this and other projects.

Scott Hartley: Crisis 24 Associate Director, Middle East and Africa

I recently had the pleasure of working with Chris and the team from MoRServ. They were without doubt the epitome of professionalism.

Throughout the consultation process, Chris was incredibly helpful and insightful. He took the time to listen to my needs and concerns, and then presented me with clear and logical options for dealing with the task in hand. Their knowledge and expertise were evident, and I felt confident that I was in good hands.

What really stood out to me, however, was MoRServs commitment to going above and beyond. They didn’t just provide me with a plan and leave it at that – they stayed in touch with me every step of the way, ensuring that everything was going smoothly and that all of my questions were answered. As a result, I have commissioned further work from MoRServ and I look forward to working with the team during the next 6-12 months.

Kerry Blakeman: West Midlands Safer Travel Head of Security and Policing

We worked with MoRServ to review our multiagency Safety Advisory Group.

This required a company with the technical knowledge and a depth of expertise alongside an ability to garner different partnership perspectives and then make sense of different inputs. MoRServ delivered the brief in spades and helped the Council, and its partners strategically review one of its key safety partnerships, leading to a range of improvements.

Andy Vaughan: Dudley MBC Assistant Director

We have had the pleasure of working with MoRServ straight from their inception. The team offer a professional and friendly service and their knowledge has no limits.

As a BID, one of our main priorities is the safety and wellbeing of visitors to our town. We run events that bring a high footfall to the town centre and being aware that the introduction of Martyn’s Law was imminent we knew the MoRServ would be the ones to help us with a full town centre assessment and put us ahead of other town centres in ensuring our location was safe not only for events but for day to day business.

Further to this we were able to work with Chris, Jason and Meg on improving our own inhouse strategies… including business continuity, operational requirements and resource management., We worked together to develop a plan to improve the BID’s delivery of our business plan and introduce the Aura system as a forward-thinking platform to make us more accessible to our members.

MoRServ have helped us transform our way of thinking and with the support of the team we were able to achieve a second 5-year BID term, securing our position in Halesowen through to 2027, this will enable us to continue to support our 500 members, local community and build on having a thriving local economy.

Halesowen remains the flagship town of the Black Country and we are grateful for everything MoRServ have done to help us keep ahead of our game.

Vicky Rogers: Halesowen BID Manager

MoRServ successfully applied for a Social Care Innovation Programme grant in early 2022 with the aim of developing ‘new to market’ technology that would improve quality, productivity and overall sustainability in the care sector. The technology which MoRServ had developed for use in other sectors was that of digital risk assessment – and this was identified as a need in the social care sector. The care sector needed a digital risk assessment system that was ‘easy to implement’, simple to understand’, in accordance with regulation, and ‘in one place’ to promote safety and learning in their care environment.

MoRServ, with its knowledge of risk assessment and digitising systems; the warm enthusiasm of the team; their commitment to listening effectively to understand what the sector identified as being needed; – and ability to translate these needs into an effective, operational digital tool, has meant that the care sector can now purchase an ‘all inclusive’ simple to use Risk Assessment Tool which will be specific to their identified needs.

Dorothy Montgomerie: SCIP Programme Manager

As one the largest attractions in the Black Country, welcoming over 350,000 visitors a year, the managing of risk in our operation and our governance is critical to the safety of the Museum and more importantly its staff and visitors.

MoRServ were a new business partner to the Museum, and we quickly recognised that their knowledge and professional attitude could help us to evolve our safety risk management, particularly security. The MoRServ team were excellent and thorough in their questioning and gave us some clear actions and considerations. They’re really friendly and approachable and took some scary subjects and made them easy to understand.

Their input has helped inform a more robust way of us identifying and dealing with risks on site, and we’d recommend any business looking to grow, or have grown quickly to use MoRServ.

Janet Brennan: Black Country Living Museum Health & Safety Manager

It’s been fantastic to start to work with MoRServ over the past year on a number of areas. Both Chris and Jason are first class to work with and have shown a huge amount of respect to our cause, always looking to support Sporting Wellness, as a small charity.

Their experience in scenario planning and risk management is second to none and we’re looking forward to exploring how they can help Sporting Wellness go from a small start-up charity to a solidified, nation-wide organisation that is here to stay in the long run.

Callum Lea: CEO, Sporting Wellness

The report that you produced was incredibly thorough and helped the review team really understand the numbers and the methods that they used to break into Wembley. Your showreel put into context the truly abhorrent behaviour fans displayed that night and also helped us to be accurate when describing who was involved. I hope you see the impact of your report reflected in our review.

Baroness Louise Casey Independent Review of the UEFA Euro 2020 Final ‘Euro Sunday’ at Wembley