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MoRServ Consultancy

We deliver new Insight through Innovation and Excellence, and offer access to Unrivalled Expertise and Tailored Teams to meet your Specific Needs.

We have extensive experience in the Crime & Safety and Public Sectors, from Leading National Risk Programmes of Work for UK Policing and multi-million-pound Intelligence Services, through to being Risk and Intelligence Subject Matter Experts for the biggest Transformation Programmes in UK Policing at local and national levels.

We focus on creating bespoke teams and solutions for each client to ensure we deliver what you need.

We create tailored teams for clients that are unrivalled in the Sector

Our Core Services

We provide tailored solutions built on new and innovative industry Leading methods that make risk management easy for people at all levels of all organisations


We give you access to unrivalled Industry Leading Resources and Services that help you significantly improve your Business, and your Bottom Line


We Provide New Perspectives and Innovative Solutions to long standing problems through a Unique Approach that delivers Insight and Expertise when and where you need it






Chris created the company with Meg (his co-founder) to apply what they had learnt from their combined sixty years of public service to support organisations maximise their response to risk in a way which is people focused and is enjoyable for clients.

Chris is an award-winning former police officer with experience in the fields of Community PolicingPublic Protection, and Intelligence, and has been responsible for the delivery of multi-million-pound services and change programmes both at local and national levels.

He has been recognised for his work with local communitiescreated the community tension monitoring processes used by policing, and was the architect and Programme lead of the Management of Risk in Law Enforcement (MoRiLE) Programme until his retirement in 2021, which is a programme of work that created bespoke risk models for PolicingLaw Enforcement Agenciesand their Partners that is used by over 100 agencies nationally, including the national response to Serious Organised Crime, to support their response to risk and prioritisation of resources.

Chris completed an Executive Masters relating to Big Data and Risk Modelling in 2017, and is currently a PhD Candidate with Liverpool John Moores University where his research is again focused on risk modelling and priorisation.



Meg created the company with Chris (her co-founder) to use what they had learnt from their combined sixty years of public service to support organisations maximise their response to risk in a way which is people focused, and enjoyable for clients.

Meg is a former local authority manager with experience in the fields of Leisure and Community Involvement and has been responsible for the delivery of multi-million-pound services and change programmes.



Tracy has extensive experience and knowledge of intelligence, analysis and research within UK Law Enforcement at a tactical and strategic level. Specialties include Intelligence and analysis methodologies and delivery against organised and acquisitive crime, recruitment, learning and development, accreditation and the professional development of intelligence staff both locally and nationally with partners.

Most recent role: Head of Analysis and Research Metropolitan Police, London Head of Profession with responsibility for recruitment, training, professional development, accreditation and the delivery of analysis and research to defined standards. Represented the MPS at national level to drive and support intelligence research nationally and develop the analysis profession. Member of the National Analysts Capability Board reporting to the NPCC lead for Intelligence.


Following a career within the UK Police Service operating at the executive level, Phil now utilises his skills and experience to support organisations in improving their service delivery.

He successfully led future proofed transformation programmes that delivered structural, cultural and large-scale change. He has a proven record of delivering transformational change and improved performance at a national, regional and local level, within complex organisational, stakeholder and political landscapes.

Phil is pragmatic and focused, and recognised for developing creative solutions and leading teams to high levels of care and service.

His experiences include:

  • Led the national Specialist Capabilities programme, working closely with Home Office Ministers, Chief Constables and PCCs, to transform the delivery of key capabilities for policing.
  • As police lead for demand, he built effective partnerships with colleagues from the NHS, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Local Authority, and Voluntary sector to better assess risk and effectively prioritise and manage demand
  • Created innovative approaches to people management and development building diverse inclusive teams – Recognised for his leadership and work in respect of diversity and inclusion by both Stonewall and Opportunity Now.
  • As NPCC lead for intelligence, developed and delivered the first national police intelligence strategy and chaired regional and national tasking and coordination processes to effectively prioritise threat, harm and risk and the allocation of resource.
  • Worked as a Strategic Advisor to the College of Policing on a project to set out the future direction for senior leadership development within policing and take action to increase the diversity of senior leaders.


Simon is a subject matter expert adviser in the field of Intelligence Analysis and Security Risk Management.   He has a 20+ year experience in the field of counter terrorism, organised crime and intelligence management as well as being trained by National and Internationally renowned government agencies in the field of Intelligence Analysis.

Simon holds a MSc in Criminal Investigation.  He is qualified from the Defence Academy in the Defence Intelligence Analytical Module.

Simon successfully led planning into the response to the Olympics 2012 in the West Midlands Region, the response to COVID policing particularly in the field of facilitating right to public protest and gathering, and was the founder of the intelligence and security response to the 2022 Commonwealth Games.  Simon is also an expert in the field of intelligence led response to public order and reputational risk incidents.


Jon is a Data Scientist and Power Platforms Solutions developer. He has extensive experience within the UK Crime and Safety community as a developer, and as a Principal Intelligence Analyst. He is experienced in extracting information and insight from data and is the former digital lead for the MoRiLE programme. He is an expert in the utilisation of Microsoft products, with particular expertise in the creation of Power Apps, manipulation of data within Excel and PowerBI


Steve is a member of the Security Institute and former Police Leader with extensive recent experience in Counter Terrorism, Public Order and Operational Policing.

Through his policing career he has managed high profile policing operations, and undertook a range of borough and force level leadership roles focused on Incident Response, Local Policing Service Delivery, Public Order, and Counter Terrorism.

He was a Counter Terrorism Security Co-Ordinator, Public Order Operational Commander, a Joint Emergency Services Interoperability (JESIP) Commander, and Chemical, Radiological, Biological + Nuclear (CBRN) Initial Responder.

Since retirement Steve has specialised as a Security Consultant offering advice on Counter Terrorism, Public Disorder and Protest, and wider Security Planning issues. He has also successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Counter Terrorism Risk Management through the University of Cumbia